Changes and new releases to BedWars Scripting.

2/2/24 - VSCode v1.0.3 & Various Changes

1/23/24 - Various Bug Fixes

And some clarification on commonly reported bugs:

  • Image assets ONLY work when passed in the rbxassetid format. For example: EntityService.createImageEntity("rbxassetid://11467634330", position)

  • Setting collisions on the model of Entities does work but is limited because we use Humanoids, which force parts of the Humanoid to have collisions, such as LowerTorso and UpperTorso. Setting collisions will affect the 3D clothing of the kit model but not the Humanoid parts. Setting full collisions requires the use of Collision Groups, which we do not currently have an implementation for.

10/4/23 - Player Scaling, Expanded Math and Table Libraries
  • Added setScale() to Player

  • Added getInventory() to InventoryService

  • Added getPlayerByUserName() to PlayerService

  • Added getPlayerByDisplayName() to PlayerService

  • Added getCFrame() and setCFrame() to Entity

  • Added emit(), clear(), and setLockedToPart() to ParticleEmitter

  • Added ConsumeItem event

  • Added insert() , find(), and remove() to the table library

  • Added many more functions to the math library

  • Added direct button to Scripts on the HUD in Custom Matches

  • Fixed bug with registerJumpHeightMultiplier()

9/8/23 - require
9/1/23 - Script Syncing, DataStoreService, ChatService
8/25/23 - VSCode Plugin, User Input, Custom Abilities, Particle Emitters
8/15/23 - Announcements, Gravity, Get Custom Match Host
8/2/23 - Generators, Chatted Event, Speed and Jump Modifiers

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