ðŸŽĻSandbox Mode

Create games that don't follow the traditional BedWars formula.

To get started, select Sandbox from the creative menu gamemode dropdown.

The Sandbox gamemode disables some of BedWars core features to allow you to create games that would otherwise be difficult to create.

  • No beds are spawned in Sandbox mode.

  • There is no win condition by default.

You must set each team's spawn in your creative map with the /setteamspawn {team-name} command, otherwise a default spawn position will be chosen. You can also use the Team Spawn Creative Gadget to set a team spawn position.

Players are automatically spawned at their team's spawn location on match start and after entity death.

To spawn a late joiner, listen to the PlayerAdded event and assign a team. They will automatically spawn at their team's spawn location.

To declare a winner, use MatchService.endMatch() and pass in the winning team (Passing in no team indicates a draw).

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