An in-world ProximityPrompt.

For examples on how to use, refer to PromptService.

Creates a Roblox ProximityPrompt.


onActivated(function: (player: Player) => nil)

Registers a function to run when the prompt is activated.

setObjectText(objectText: string)

Sets the object text. Example: Door

setActionText(actionText: string)

Sets the action text. Example: Open

setActivationDistance(activationDistance: number)

Sets the activation distance in studs. Only players within this distance can use the prompt.

setHoldDuration(holdDurationSec: number)

Sets the duration (in seconds) of hold time needed to activate the prompt.

setKeyCode(keyCode: KeyCode)

Specifies the key code used to activate the prompt. Written as KeyCode.X.

setPosition(position: Vector3)

Sets the position of the prompt.

getPosition(): Vector3

Returns the position of the prompt.


Destroys the prompt.

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