An Entity is anything that can take damage (player, penguin, skeleton, etc).


getPlayer(): Player | nil

Returns the player playing as this entity. If this entity is an NPC (like a Creature) this will return nil.

getHealth(): number

Returns current health of the entity.

getMaxHealth(): number

Returns max health of the entity.

isAlive(): bool

Returns true if the entity is alive.

getPosition(): Vector3 | nil

Returns the current position of the entity.

setPosition(position: Vector3)

Sets the position of the entity.
Example usage:
local entity = event.player:getEntity()
if not entity then
entity:setPosition(event.position + Vector3.new(0,3,0))

getCFrame(): CFrame | nil

Returns the current CFrame of the entity.

setCFrame(cframe: CFrame)

Sets the CFrame of the entity.

setMaxHealth(health: number)

Sets the max health of the entity.

setCustomName(name: string): nil

Sets a custom display name on the entity's healthbar.


Destroys the entity.
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