Fires when a Team Upgrade is purchased from the Team Upgrade Shop.

This event was changed following the Season 10 update (April 5th, 2024)

The types used for theupgradeproperty were changed. Please refer to TeamUpgradeType for the new Team Upgrades that can be referenced in this event.

The tier property has been removed as all tiers of Team Upgrades are now accessible directly through their name, using the upgrade property (MAGIC_I and MAGIC_II, for example)

Example usage:

    -- Only proceed if the MAGIC I upgrade was purchased
    if (event.upgrade == TeamUpgradeType.MAGIC_I) then
       local teamPlayers =
       -- Loop over all players in the team that received the upgrade
        for i, player in pairs(teamPlayers) do
           -- Give each team player 5 telepearls
           InventoryService.giveItem(player, ItemType.TELEPEARL, 5)


player: Player

The player who purchased the team upgrade.

team: Team

The team that received the team upgrade.

The team upgrade that was purchased by the player.

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