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Used to define the properties of an ability.


maxProgress: number

The maximum amount of progress that can be stored on the ability.

progressPerUse: number

The amount of progress used every time the ability is activated.

iconImage: string | nil

An optional rbxassetid of the image that will be shown on the button for the ability.
Events.UseAbility(function (event)
if (event.abilityName == "yeehaw") then
-- Create a "yeehaw" ability that is activated with the X key
-- The ability has 2 stacks of "yeehaw"
local abilityConfig = {
maxProgress = 10,
progressPerUse = 5
iconImage = "rbxassetid://7193644599"
AbilityService.createAbility("yeehaw", KeyCode.X, abilityConfig)
-- Add the ability to the host
AbilityService.enableAbility(MatchService.getHost(), "yeehaw")
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