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Changes and new releases to BedWars Scripting.
10/4/23 - Player Scaling, Expanded Math and Table Libraries
  • Added setScale() to Player
  • Added getInventory() to InventoryService
  • Added getPlayerByUserName() to PlayerService
  • Added getPlayerByDisplayName() to PlayerService
  • Added getCFrame() and setCFrame() to Entity
  • Added emit(), clear(), and setLockedToPart() to ParticleEmitter
  • Added ConsumeItem event
  • Added insert() , find(), and remove() to the table library
  • Added many more functions to the math library
  • Added direct button to Scripts on the HUD in Custom Matches
  • Fixed bug with registerJumpHeightMultiplier()
9/8/23 - require
9/1/23 - Script Syncing, DataStoreService, ChatService
8/25/23 - VSCode Plugin, User Input, Custom Abilities, Particle Emitters
8/15/23 - Announcements, Gravity, Get Custom Match Host
8/2/23 - Generators, Chatted Event, Speed and Jump Modifiers
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